Case Study - Expert Witness Valuations

Published on Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ref: JH/05/7'07           Jean Howe – Partner Kirkby & Diamond


A joint instruction was received from Solicitors as a result of a direction from the Court for Jean Howe, Partner at Kirkby & Diamond Chartered Surveyors, to prepare an Expert Witness report on five shops including retrospective valuations both on a freehold and rental basis plus current day valuations.
A detailed and thorough inspection was undertaken of the properties. With regard to the retrospective valuations, there was a high level of comparable evidence available because of the large number of valuations undertaken by the Practice. The evidence from the retrospective valuation date could be adjusted to give a very good opinion of the value of the properties, some four years previously.

As a result of the variations of the instructions, the Expert Witness report included twelve different valuations over different valuation dates.

This complexity of valuations and dates is not unusual in an Expert Witness report.
The Result
As a result of the detailed information that Kirkby & Diamond holds on its database in respect of valuations, lettings and sales and the knowledge that the Valuers within Kirkby & Diamond have of their local and specialist markets, Solicitors and Courts are prepared to appoint Valuers from Kirkby & Diamond to act as Expert Witness in very complicated cases.
The Expert Witness report was issued and Kirkby & Diamond understand that agreement was reached between the parties.