Case Study - Planning Potential

Published on Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Whether you are seeking planning permission for a new project or wishing to present your opposition to a new development, a detailed knowledge and understanding of planning law is essential. Expert advice and assistance can bring significant rewards, as this case study demonstrates.

A recent project, managed by Kirkby & Diamond, involved an investor buying a large property situated in greenbelt where there was a general presumption against inappropriate development.  As such, the capacity of the site was limited to the ‘footprint’ of the existing buildings. Despite this obvious and clear restriction, advisors at Kirkby & Diamond could see a potential opportunity. After a strong and thoroughly argued case was submitted by Kirkby & Diamond to the planning authorities, it was agreed that the owner was able to include an area previously used for car parking within the boundaries of “previously developed land”. By doing so it was subsequently agreed that the footprint of the new development was increased by nearly a third. Planning permission was obtained for a scheme that, on first glance, seemed impossible. All of which supports the old adage that good advice doesn’t cost… it pays.
For further advice on planning issues contact Andrew Wright at the Milton Keynes office on 01908 678 800 or email Andrew Wright.