Case Study - Water Pipelines and Sewerage

Published on Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Kirkby and Diamond’s Compulsory Purchase Team were approached by a farmer on the outskirts of Milton Keynes, Bucks. He had received a Notice from the local water company that they were going to relocate an existing water main – it was to be moved from its current position in a road to a new route through the garden of his house and into a neighbouring farmers field.

Kirkby and Diamond approached the water company on behalf of both parties objecting to the route. After lengthy discussions and exploring a number of alternative routes a compromise route was agreed to the satisfaction of all parties.

We monitored the construction of the pipeline on behalf of the affected parties and subsequently submitted compensation claims. The claims were based on a percentage of the value of the land for the pipeline and associated equipment. In addition there were considerable claims for crop losses (both in the year of construction and subsequent years) and other disturbance items. The costs of Kirkby and Diamond’s surveyors were paid by the water company.

Claims such as this will vary depending upon the individual circumstances, the size of the pipeline and the width of easement required and the nature of the property affected.