Green Lane or maybe not so green?

July 06, 2021

After the initial refusal at planning committee, the case went to appeal where the Inspector overturned the original decision and granted the planning application stating that ‘very special circumstances do exist to justify inappropriate development in the Green Belt’. In this case the special circumstances included an ‘acute housing delivery shortages and acute affordable housing need’,

You may wonder if cases such as this are the first of many in the mission that is meeting the housing shortage.

Here at Kirkby Diamond, the Land Planning and Development Team took the view, with such a breakthrough case in the Planning world, it could well be time for landowners to have another look at sites that have previously failed.

The Land Planning & Development team are experienced in acting for landowners with land in a variety of situations so if the results of this recent case have renewed your enthusiasm for the potential of development on your land, make sure you contact us for an initial discussion.  

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