Rural Practice - The Campaign for the Farmed Environment

April 15, 2015

The Campaign is the farming industry’s approach to retain the benefits that arose from set-aside.  It is a trial which the government suggest if not successful will result in the compulsory imposition of a new set-aside regime – possibly at between 5-8% of farmed area.  To ensure the Campaign is successful stiff targets have been imposed – these include:

i)    40% increase in area of in-field options under ELS above the 2008 baseline (equivalent to about 40,000 ha).

ii)    40% of arable farmers/growers not currently participating in ELS to be undertaking some voluntary management by 2011 and 60% by 2012.

iii)    At least 142,500 hectares of land either uncropped or managed for environmental benefits within 3 years – based on 100,000 ha in first year, 120,000 ha in year 2 and 142,500 ha by year 3.

All the leading farming organisations are working together to encourage farmers and landowners to adopt practises that will benefit the environment.

One of the recommended options is to join the Entry Level Stewardship scheme and choose some key in field options.  See a comprehensive list of options or visit the Campaign Website.

Kirkby & Diamond fully support the Campaign and encourage all of their client farmers, landowners and contacts to support it.  This could be through joining ELS.  

If the Campaign for the Farmed Environment can work it will avoid the imposition of a statutory set-aside regime.

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