RICS Surveyor Near Me

If you’re seeking a RICS surveyor near you, how do you guarantee they’ll look after your property competently and that you can trust them to act on your behalf? Anyone can launch a company as a RICS surveyor near you, regardless of their experience level.

A reputable RICS surveyor near you will hold the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) emblem. There are stringent conditions for RICS membership, so you can be sure you’ll choose a suitably qualified surveyor.

But, in practice, what does this mean?

Let’s look at the four benefits you can expect from an experienced RICS surveyor near you.

1.    Provides trustworthy advice

A qualified surveyor will live and breathe commercial property, providing clear, understandable advice to you and your occupants relating to a range of property problems. A reputable RICS manager will usually provide tenants directly with the solutions they require.

2.    Top-notch support

Your RICS property manager will have a wealth of knowledge about tasks like rent reviews and lease renewals – so you can count on them for ongoing support. You already trust and know them, and they’re already familiar with you and your property.

3.    A dedicated customer bank account

The last thing you want is to fret about the chance of misplaced money before it hits your bank account. Thankfully, an experienced RICS surveyor near you keeps your money securely in a safe, specific customer bank account. So, even if the property manager’s company experiences financial problems or stops operating, your capital will be transferred.

4.    You’re protected should any issues strike

If any problems arise, you’re protected. Members have to take out RICS-approved indemnity insurance that adheres to strict regulations. Additionally, RICS surveyors have to provide a complaints management process that involves dispute resolution through a verified RICS provider. Disputes can result in reimbursement or even penalising action by RICS. Counterfeit traders aren’t accepted.

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Kirkby Diamond is a Chartered Surveyor and RICS member. What’s more, the company is regulated by RICS. If you’re looking for a RICS surveyor near you, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@kirkbydiamond.co.uk.