Calculate Lease Extension Cost

Do you want to calculate a lease extension cost? We suggest investing in an all-in-one property consultancy such as ours at Kirkby Diamond. Our expert team of lease extension specialists is on hand to assist so you can benefit from the property you’re leasing for longer at a price that won’t break the bank. 

Below, let’s take a look at what our services cover so you can negotiate your extension effortlessly.

How to Calculate the Lease Extension Cost for Commercial Properties 

Do you want to renew the lease on a commercial property you’re renting at the moment? Then, perhaps you’re finding the process is a lot more complicated than you first imagined. Instead of tearing your hair out trying to accomplish the result you’re hoping for, partner with one of our professional leasing experts and achieve your desired result painlessly.

During your initial appointment with us, we’ll talk to you about your property and calculate its leasing value. Equip with your contract and this info, and we’ll join forces with the property owner and their team to find a renewal package that works for you and them. Some of this will entail negotiation, while some involve a little flexibility from both parties. Your advisor will take the headache out of the whole process for maximum results.

How Much Does a Lease Extension Cost?

Use Our Lease Extension Calculator

Try out our easy and speedy lease extension calculator – it’s a handy tool and will give you an idea about what you can expect to pay for your lease extension. Please note that our calculator is for information purposes only, and we won’t be held accountable for any deficit deriving from dependence on the numbers shown here. Before extending your lease, you should always acquire a complete assessment and survey from a professional surveyor.

If you’re a landlord wishing to hire a property manager, we provide this service, too – just tell us your requirements, and our experts will put together a personalised support package. What’s more, with our industry expertise, rest assured, you’ll get the best results, time after time.

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