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What Building Consultancy Services Can You Find in Campbell Park Milton Keynes?

Milton Keynes (and particularly its Campbell Park area) is a growing hub for businesses, with demand for both commercial and residential property maintained at strong levels. With such demand comes the need for certain building consultancy services, and that’s exactly what the team at Kirkby Diamond offers.

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Our work covers Campbell Park, in Milton Keynes, as well as the surrounding areas. With that in mind, what building consultancy services can you expect to find when you work with Kirkby Diamond?

Comprehensive Building Surveys

Whether it's a building survey conducted pre-acquisition for a leasehold, or one carried out in order to identify defects within a property (by way of a diagnostic survey), being able to both extensively and accurately survey a property is crucial, for both residential and commercial clients alike.

At Kirkby Diamond, building survey results are outlined in a clear and straightforward manner, and outline action areas, as well as proposing the most suitable solutions for the property in question, moving forward. A comprehensive understanding of a property’s condition is crucial for any and all property owners (and prospective owners) so that’s exactly what we provide.

Shedding Light on Party Wall Matters

Whether it’s representing building owners (BOs) or adjoining owners (AOs), the Kirkby Diamond team can represent and oversee any and all party wall matters pertaining to a property. Working fully in concordance with the Party Wall Act (1996), our team will help draft a Party Wall Award that satisfies both parties as best as possible.

Dealing With Dilapidations

Breaches in lease covenants (either during the tenancy or at the end of a lease) are more typically referred to as dilapidations; the team at Kirkby Diamond can put together a Schedule of Dilapidations, which essentially, lays out the defects or breaches in more explicit and thorough detail.

We’ll also help deal with any responses, whether they be in agreement with the Schedule of Dilapidations, or in disagreement; the latter typically comes in the form of a Scott Schedule. Finally, we can help advise on the best course of action in the event that the tenant disputes the Schedule, be that going to court, or through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Final Thoughts

If you’re in need of building consultant services in Campbell Park, Milton Keynes, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Visit our contact form page here to do just that.

Campbell Park Milton Keynes