Client Quantity Surveyor

If you are looking for support with a project, then working with a specialist property firm is a great idea - more specifically, if you are looking for a client, quantity surveyor partnership, then this is the best place to start.

Quantity surveyors provide a huge range of services that will not just keep your project on track but also get you the best value and the best time frames. If this is what you need, then find out more about them by reading on.

What Functions Do Quantity Surveyors Perform

Understanding what a quantity surveyor can do will give you the best possible insight and enable you to get the best service for your needs. The following services are a typical part of a quantity surveyor’s role:

  • Providing advice on choosing the right site and calculating the feasibility of building on the selected land.
  • Providing detailed valuations on each service or element of work that you need to have done.
  • Organising the entire project and breaking it down into tasks that can then be tendered to specific companies.
  • Managing the budget for the build so that it is not exceeded.
  • Taking on any legal or contractual matters that come up.
  • Acting as a financial manager for the project and reporting back to you on progress.
  • Organising the payment of staff and settling accounts as invoices are raised.

How to Know if a Quantity Surveyor is Good

As a client, Quantity Surveyor services may seem unfathomable and working out who is good or not is even more difficult. Rather than taking your best guess, check out the qualities that you should expect when you start working with one:

  • Educated to degree level (or similar) in quantity surveying
  • Professional membership to RICS.
  • Proven experience in working on projects and taking responsibility for finances and budgets.
  • Have outstanding negotiation skills and understand the most up to date and relevant legislation.
  • Ability to work on-site and in an office environment and manage professional relationships with a large number of people.

It is always wise to choose a full-service firm when picking a quantity surveyor as they have access to a number of professionals that can support and advise on specialist areas as your project gets up and running. Plus, there will also be access to other quantity surveyors so that no aspect of your project is ever left to flounder. Employing a self employed quantity surveyor is a risky prospect, especially when the project is large and needs constant attention.

Kirkby Diamond: Powering Client – Quantity Surveyor Partnerships

At Kirkby Diamond, we offer a wide range of services so that our clients can get all the support they need in one place. From quantity surveyors and valuers to lease negotiators and chartered surveyors, we really do offer it all.

Why don’t you give our team a call to discuss your needs in more depth and arrange an initial appointment to find out what we can offer? We’d love to hear from you – call us today!