Commercial Estate Agent in Bedford

Do you manage a commercial property in Bedford? There’s no time like the present to get the support you need to maximise the return on your investment by sourcing a commercial estate agent in Bedford. We at Kirkby Diamond will help you find tenants seeking commercial space.

We handle everything, including rent negotiation and advertising your commercial space, not to mention continual property management, leaving you more time to focus on your business. Visit our dedicated page to discover more about the services we offer.


Marketing Your Commercial Property with a Commercial Estate Agent in Bedford

Have you previously advertised your commercial space through word of mouth or estate agents? This isn’t the best option. Sure, this may mean you find renters, but it doesn’t mean you’re getting the highest quality tenants or purchasers

When you advertise your property with a Kirkby Diamond commercial estate agent in Bedford, you’ll gain access to commercial tenants set to pay their rent according to market value.

We’ll advertise your commercial property on our website and send it to our mailing list. This way, you’ll never leave without a space. What’s more, our commercial estate agents offer initial negotiations and viewings so that you don’t have to. That means you can spend your time concentrating on the things you need to.


Rent Negotiation Service

As well as displaying your listing on our website, a Kirkby Diamond commercial estate agent in Bedford will negotiate lease terms to ensure you achieve the correct outcome for your property. Our services cover rent reviews, initial negotiations, and renegotiations when required.

Our team is professional and well-informed – rest assured that your final deal will be extraordinary. Not only this, we even have Expert Witnesses for rent arbitration cases – we can cover it all!


Leave the Property Management Side of Things to Us

It doesn't matter if you have new or old tenants in your commercial space because a Kirkby Diamond commercial estate agent in Bedford will manage the everyday handling of your commercial property, enabling you to focus on more essential tasks.


Contact Us Today!

Need a commercial estate agent in Bedford? Look no further than Kirkby Diamond – our property consultants work with your tenants to make sure that rent payments are processed on time, that problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently, and that the commercial space is in a satisfactory state of repair in line with current standards. Get in touch now.


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