Commercial Lease Rent Review

Do you have a commercial lease rent review coming up and find yourself worrying about how to best proceed? Rather than going it alone, why not use an expert service that can help you work out the right market value and support you with negotiations?

At Kirkby Diamond, we are proud to be a full-service property firm that works with both landlords and tenants to achieve the best results. From undertaking valuations to being present during negotiations, you can be certain that the result you get is the best outcome. Find out more about our services now.

What is a Commercial Lease Rent Review?

Put simply, a commercial lease rent review is an opportunity for landlords and tenants to ensure that the rent they are receiving or paying is appropriately in line with the current market level. The purpose of this is much more than just working out what should be exchanged between the parties; but is also a way to ensure parity and fairness in the commercial letting field.

Commercial rent reviews can be scheduled at regular intervals and are listed in the commercial lease when it is agreed upon. Negotiating how frequently these reviews are held is a subject for negotiation before a lease is agreed upon.

How We Conduct a Commercial Lease Rent Review

At Kirkby Diamond, we work with landlords and tenants across all types of commercial properties, giving you confidence that the negotiated price will be fair and consistent. Our process involves creating up-to-date market valuations for the property and presenting these to the other party as part of the discussions.

We find that most rent reviews proceed in a simple and straightforward way as we only use the best surveyors to complete the work. We are proud to have many RICS certified surveyors on our team, which means that you can be completely confident in their valuation and negotiation skills.         

When a Lease Review Cannot Be Easily Agreed

There are occasions when a lease review needs to be escalated to arbitration level or when an Independent Expert is required. The good news is that the team at Kirkby Diamond has a wealth of experience in this area, too, and has the skills and experience to act as Expert Witnesses when needed.

If your lease review needs to be escalated to this level, then our team is on hand and ready to supply you with the advice you need to get the outcome you want. Not only will we work hard on your behalf, but we will ease the pressure you are under so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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