Commercial Property for Sale

Are you looking for a commercial property for sale? Maybe you have a commercial property to sell? No matter where you are, the vendor or the purchaser, Kirkby Diamond, are here to help.

We are a full-service firm that provides a wide range of property-based services aimed at making your sale go through quickly and as smoothly as possible. Check out our range of services today, and then get in touch with our team to make it happen.

Achieving the Right Valuation

Before any sale can be negotiated, it is essential that you get your property accurately valued so that it draws in interested parties. If you price your property too high, then people will be priced out of the market, and if you go too low, you risk people being wary about what is on offer.

At Kirkby Diamond, we provide a three-tiered approach to valuations so that you can be certain that the price we suggest is the one you want to go with. We start by sending an initial valuer out to check out the property. Once this is done, their findings are analysed by market software to help us refine our price. Finally, a second valuer views the property and comes up with their valuation. The information is then peer-reviewed, and our final valuation is ready for you to use.

Negotiating the Best Deal

If you have seen a commercial property for sale that you are interested in but want to get the best deal, then let our negotiation team do the hard work for you. They will appraise the current valuation and then work with the seller or the seller's team to negotiate a deal that works well for both sides.

We have worked for years helping sellers and buyers achieve a fair market value, and we take pride in our open and honest process. The results of our work speak for themselves, and we now have many people that seek us out when it comes to negotiating prices and contracts.

Providing the Surveys You Need

If you need to have property surveys completed as part of the sales process, then we have the chartered surveyors you need. All of our chartered surveying team are RICS recognised and follow the professional guidance given in order to complete accurate and fair valuations of commercial properties.

We have surveyors that can deal with all types of queries, from full structural surveys to party wall advice. All you need to do is instruct us, and then we will arrange everything before producing a comprehensive report ready for you to consider.

Why We are the Best Choice for You!

Kirkby Diamond work with buyers and sellers every day, giving us a good insight into the current market situation. Our values are based on integrity and honesty so that you can be certain you will always get fair and accurate advice when looking for help with a commercial property for sale.

Get in touch today to discuss your needs and let Kirkby Diamond lead the way.