Commercial Property Valuations

Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Property Valuation

Commercial property valuation is an essential part of any purchase or sale and getting one organised that is impartial and fair is the only way to buy or sell with integrity. Undertaking a valuation requires access to experts that understand the commercial market and who have access to the best software and support.

Take a look at how the Kirkby Diamond valuation process is organised, and then get in touch with our team to arrange yours – it really is that simple.

A RICS Recognised Valuation Team

RICS Valuation Professional Standards underpin the process of commercial valuation by following the International Valuation Standards. At Kirkby Diamond, our valuation team has RICS recognised chartered surveyors who specialise in valuations and understand the legal requirements to provide an honest and fair service as well as having the specialism needed to undertake accurate valuations.

Our team use their knowledge of the market to produce valuations that will enable you to buy or sell with confidence. We also offer loan security valuation advice for UK lenders so that you can offer the funding needed by consumers without ending up out of pocket.

Our Triple Locked Valuations

When you request commercial property valuations from Kirkby Diamond, you can be confident that the figure you are presented with will be accurate, thanks to our triple lock service. Our first step is for a valuer to complete their initial valuation based on their market knowledge and experience. Once this has been completed, we then use a number of software packages to help us refine the valuation further and ensure that it is accurate.

Once the first two steps are completed, we then arrange for another member of the team to complete a valuation too so that the final figure has been peer-reviewed and signed by both team members. Completing valuations in such a thorough way allows you to be confident about what you are asking for or what you are paying when working with commercial property.

Other Services Offered By Our Valuation Team

In addition to standard valuations, our team can also complete statutory valuations, development appraisals and even compulsory purchase valuations, meaning that whatever you need, you are able to find it when you come to Kirkby Diamond. Accurate valuations form the basis of all property services and support, and we would love to be part of your journey when organising a sale or purchase.

Let Us Provide the Valuation You Need

If you are keen to let Kirkby Diamond organise your commercial property valuation, then we would love to hear from you. We are on hand and ready to organise an appointment for you to talk to one of our specialist valuers so that you can move forward with your purchase or sale.

Our team is made up of dedicated and professional experts, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that your transaction is handled properly and professionally. Call us today to get the ball rolling.