Commercial Valuation

Getting a commercial valuation that you can trust doesn’t need to be difficult, especially when you choose a company like Kirkby Diamond. We are a full-service property firm that supports customers from the commercial sector to get the best results from their buildings. Take a look at how our valuation service works, and then get in touch.

Understanding How Commercial Property Valuations Work

Commercial valuations are requested for sale or rental preparation, as well as needing access to a current valuation for business purposes. When you come to Kirkby Diamond, you can be confident that our team of RICS registered professionals has the skills and experience you need.

From using their current market knowledge to applying their specialist skills, each chartered surveyor that works with us will ensure that the valuation you receive is accurate. Plus, we offer a triple-locked valuation that provides you with even more confidence when it comes to understanding our valuations.

What is a Triple Locked Commercial Valuation?

Our Triple Lock service is one that has been designed to offer you confidence in our valuations and provides you with three separate steps to getting the most accurate result. Step one is when we ask our valuer to visit your property and undertake an initial valuation using their skills and experience in the area.

Our second step is to take the valuation provided in step one and refine it using up to date software packages that have been designed to take in the valuation factors and fine-tune the result from our initial visit. With the first two steps completed, we move to our final stage. Step three includes a second visit from a different member of our team who will ensure that all the information used in the first two stages has been properly considered and peer-reviewed, giving you total confidence in our commercial valuation service.

Other Ways We Can Help

As a full-service firm, we offer more than just commercial valuations, meaning that you can get all your needs met without having to employ other people. From lease advice to property management and acquisitions to planning, we are here for you! Our mission is to ensure that you are never left without the support you need when it comes to managing your commercial property.

We also employ a wide range of professionals so that you can access the right expert for your needs – chartered surveyors, valuers, legal experts, property managers, and more make up our team and provide the complete package that any commercial property owner will ever need.

Get Your Kirkby Diamond Commercial Valuation Organised Today

If you are ready to arrange a commercial valuation with the Kirkby Diamond team, then we are ready to help! Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements and answers to your questions. We can arrange a no-obligation initial discussion to suit your schedule and promise to provide you with the best professional support around. Call now and let us get started.