Dilapidations Surveyor

Whether you are a landlord with a tenancy that is due to expire or a prospective buyer – using a dilapidations surveyor to help you get an accurate picture of the condition of the property could save you a significant amount in repair bills. Find out more about this service and how Kirkby Diamond can help!

What is a Dilapidations Surveyor?

A dilapidations surveyor is a chartered surveyor that is a specialist in dilapidations. At Kirkby Diamond, our surveyors are RICS registered and have undergone extensive training that gives them the skills needed to assess your property to ensure that you know all you need to know to progress a tenancy or sale.

Why Do I Need a Dilapidations Surveyor?

Understanding the condition of a building goes beyond what the untrained eye can see, making it important to arrange for a dilapidations survey if you want an accurate picture of what’s going on with your building.

A dilapidations survey provides a very detailed account of the condition of each of the components in the building, as well as an overview of how well the internal systems are working. It is very thorough and will even give you an overview of minor wear and tear as well as stains and marks.

Getting such a detailed survey not only lets future tenants know about the condition of the building but provides you with a baseline for comparison when they reach the end of their tenancy.

It can also be used to assess the performance of any contractors that you have hired, giving you a mechanism for recourse should there be any problems with their work.

How to Find the Right Dilapidations Surveyor

When you have decided to proceed with a dilapidations survey, you will need to find the right surveyor for the job. Firstly, you need to find a firm that offers local expertise so that no issues are overlooked when it comes to an understanding of the property. Next, you need to choose a firm that offers specific dilapidations surveys so that you can be sure that the team know what to look for when undertaking the work.

It is also wise to engage a company that has RICS registered surveyors as this shows a commitment to quality and industry recognised requirements. Sadly, there are many companies out that claim to be able to offer what you are looking for but then provide a sub-par experience. Rather than finding out the hard way that a service is not right, take the time to do your homework before you agree to a contract with a surveyor, that way, you can be sure that the work they provide can be trusted.

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