Flat Lease Extension

Is your tenancy coming to an end, and do you want to pursue a flat lease extension? Rather than negotiating this on your own, why not seek some professional advice and get the very best deal possible? At Kirkby Diamond, we offer an expert leasing service so that you can get the advice you need to get the deal you want and stay in your flat for longer.

How Our Flat Lease Extension Service Works

As property experts, we follow a trusted process to get your lease extension organised. We encourage all our rental clients to start the negotiation process as early as possible without giving the impression that you are willing to pay more than is appropriate to stay in your flat. Look at our standard process, explained below:

First, you need to keep a close eye on your lease expiry date. This can be checked on your leasing contract, and it is this date that needs to be adhered to, even if you thought the date was something different. However, if you have any concerns about the date and think there may have been an error, then it is vital that you share that with our experts before we begin the negotiation process.

Next, you need to agree on what you want your lease expert to work on for you. The flat lease extension process can be challenging, but there may be some aspects that you are happy to deal with for yourself. At Kirkby Diamond, we offer a full-service package and can take care of all your needs if you want us to. Choosing this will give you the best chance of success with the least amount of stress!

Finally, let us get to work! When you have agreed to work with us, then all you need to do is decide what your maximum price is so that we know where our negotiations can take us. If you are unsure of what to choose or how much the property is worth, then we can help you to work all of this out so that you can choose a price that works for you. With your decision on price made, our experts will get to work and start the process of negotiation, keeping you informed at every turn – your satisfaction is our goal, and we will not stop until we reach a conclusion that you are happy with.

Try the Kirkby Diamond Service Today

If you like the idea of working with an expert to get the best flat lease extension result, then the team at Kirkby Diamond would love to hear from you! As a full-service property team, we have a number of different professionals on hand to help us understand the property you are letting, and we will work hard to ensure that your goals are achievable and realistic so that you get the outcome you want. Call us today to arrange a no-obligation meeting, and let us impress you with our commitment – our team can't wait to hear from you!