Flat Lease Extension

Flat Lease Extension

If you are looking for support with a flat lease extension, choosing an expert service is the best way forward. At Kirkby Diamond, we offer many services for tenants and landlords, including lease negotiation and valuation.

Finding the right company does not need to be a challenge when you have Kirkby Diamond as an option, as we offer high-quality support from our team of experts whenever you need us. So check out how we can help you with your lease extension now.

How Does a Lease Extension Negotiation Work?

If you are due to renew your lease, then you must understand when it is time to start the process. Firstly, check how long is left on your lease as there is no guarantee that the extension will be agreed upon. Knowing when your lease is up will allow you to start negotiating at the right time so that you aren't left without a property.

Next, talk to a lease negotiator to discuss your needs and expectations so that they can work with you to achieve an outcome that works for you and your wallet. Again, using a specialist is a sensible step as they will have a team of negotiators as well as access to the most up to date lease valuations so that you don’t end up agreeing to pay more than is needed.

Finally, take the time to work out your best offer so that your negotiating team know what to work towards. Failing to decide on an offer can result in you paying more than you can afford, so this must be in place before negotiations begin. Then let the experts get to work and review the offers that come in until you are happy to agree on the extension.

Other Lease Services We Provide

In addition to our flat lease extension for tenants, our team also offer several other services that you may benefit from. This includes helping landlords to value their lease properties accurately, undertaking rent reviews and even offering advice around break clauses.

We have a team of RICS recognised surveyors as well as planning consultants and property agents so that you can be sure that the right people will always meet your needs with the most accurate and up to date information. Plus, as a local firm, we have an excellent knowledge of the local economy and will ensure that your leasing needs are met every time.

Chat to an Expert Today

If you are ready to get advice on proceeding with your flat lease extension, get in touch with the Kirkby Diamond team today. Our team of dedicated professionals are ready to take your call and arrange an appointment to suit your schedule. We will ask you all about your requirements and then suggest the best people to deal with your query so that you know who will be supporting you to achieve the outcome you want. So call today and be impressed with our commitment to your needs.