Land Surveyors Near Me

Wondering whether you’ll need land surveyors near you? A critical part of any land purchase, land surveying will ensure your development is a glitch-free process.

Benefits of a land survey

  • Underlines possible issues before you begin construction. 
  • Shows the main features of your plot.
  • Generates a brand-new deed.
  • Reconciles any official disputes that may occur.

So, without further ado, let’s look at why a land surveying process can help your project.

What’s a land survey, and when do I need one?

In a nutshell, a land survey is a formal report of an area of land. There are two primary types of land surveys, including:

  • Detailed surveys – in-depth 3D drawings that show reports about land features, elevation levels, and the soil’s condition. Sometimes, video footage is included, like drone video imagery.
  • Boundary surveys – involve a 2D map of a building’s structures and boundaries.

Whether you’re purchasing or building on the land, you’ll always require the services of land surveyors near you. In any case, a boundary survey will give you an accurate report about where your plot starts and ends and make sure your property doesn’t intrude on your neighbour’s land.

Where your plot’s official boundaries are located may influence any forthcoming developments or boundary disputes. Are you thinking about purchasing land for a commercial property? You’ll have to seek the services of land surveyors near you, as they’re crucial to commercial property dealings – they evaluate the technical dangers for tenants or investors.

However, a thorough survey can involve a lot more data than merely boundary locations. Your local land surveyor can perform drainage assessments and reveal any concealed issues such as soil pollution or flood risks. 

What’s more, a reputable surveyor can look at your project plans and organise environment impact and feasibility tests to ascertain any modifications you may require before applying for planning permission.

If you want to develop land on or close to a business location, land surveyors near you can check for any possible pollution that may impact your planning applications.

Your solicitor can also use survey drawings to create an up-to-the-minute legal document that considers any property alterations the preceding owners may have made.

Not only this, banks and lenders prefer surveys to be completed before granting a mortgage.

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