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4 Benefits of Hiring a Leasing Consultant

Whether you have one property or 50, a landlord needs to keep tenants in all their properties. After all, this is how you make money for these properties. However, it’s pretty tough to source these tenants. From advertising vacancies to dealing with viewings for potential renters, managing property is no walk in the park. It can get challenging, but thankfully, this is where a reputed leasing consultant can step in.

What Do Leasing Consultants Do?

Leasing consultants are similar to real estate agents – rather than finding buyers for homes or flats, they partner with landlords to source reliable renters for their properties.

Whether the property is a business, apartment or home rental, the property market can be complex and overwhelming to many landlords. A leasing consultant ascertains a property’s requirements and finds renters to inhabit it. Just like real estate agents, leasing consultants are clued-up about the property market - the only difference is that a leasing consultant handles tenants, not sales.

The Benefits of Leasing Consultants

Hiring a leasing agent can help streamline the task of managing properties – there are so many reasons to hire one, which we’ve detailed below.


Typically, landlords manage properties themselves when they first start in the rental space.

From bookkeeping and making calls to maintenance staff for repairs, landlords are responsible for it all, which can be difficult, especially if a landlord doesn’t live locally. And if the property owner buys new premises and the firm grows, they won’t have the capacity to take it all on. Happily, though, leasing consultants can take action to help.

Save You Money in the Long Run

While leasing agents cost money, they keep the money coming in. There isn’t a set- in-stone fee for paying leasing agents, but they generally ask for a commission for every property they rent out. Usually, the landlord and leasing consultant agree on a commission. As the saying goes, nothing comes for free.

Using a leasing consultant isn’t cheap, but those costs will quickly become an investment, as the leasing professionals guarantee your properties stay filled and the money carries on pouring in.

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