Small Industrial Unit for Sale

Let’s face it, finding a perfectly-sized small industrial unit for sale isn’t the most glamorous task. It’s mundane, it’s laborious, and, quite honestly, you’d much prefer to spend your time running your business or binge-watching the latest series on TV.

Happily, the team at Kirkby Diamond are ready to give you a hand, so we’ve pulled together a short guide to help you find your dream small unit to suit your company. Save these details safely in case a problem strikes!

What’s the Size of a Small Industrial Unit for Sale?

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty, let’s make sure we’re on the same wavelength. Let’s clarify the word ‘small’, as it’s a little ambiguous. Typically, a small start-up company probably has between one and 10 employees, so a small industrial unit is essentially a space that can accommodate this amount of staff.

As per the fire safety regulations, the highest number of people that can fit in an industrial unit or workshop is roughly 55 square feet per person. With this in mind, a typical small industrial unit will be between 55 and 550 square feet. 

To be clear, we’re talking industrial space here. In other words, your staff members won’t merely be sitting at their desks, so you’ll require extra room for machines when in operation.

Thus, if you’re looking for a small industrial unit for sale, you’ll need about 100 to 800 square feet.

What’s the Average Cost of a Small Industrial Unit for Sale? 

Now for the million-dollar question – how much should you let your small unit out for? As with every property, there are variables of all kinds that impact the rental price of your unit. Everything from local cafes to the number of water coolers can influence costs, so don’t take our guesstimates too seriously.

You’ll probably pay around £25-£200 each week, but this depends on the location of your unit, its size, and facilities. Generally, the price only covers you actually inhabiting the unit. However, leases vary significantly, so it’s vital to double-check the legal info.

Where Can I Find Small Industrial Units for Sale?

At Kirkby Diamond, we’ve helped small businesses develop and grow through inexpensive rented spaces tailored to SMEs. We offer an enormous array of small industrial units for sale in loads of locations across the country, making us convenient and reachable for you and your company. Find out more by calling 01234 905128.