What Do Luton Commercial Estate Agents Do?

In this blog post, we’ll give you a glimpse at what Luton commercial estate agents such as those found at Kirkby Diamond can do when it comes to selling, buying, or leasing a commercial property and how they can help simplify your commercial real estate transaction so that you get the best deal possible.


What Do Luton Commercial Estate Agents Do?


Our Luton Commercial Estate Agents Have Local Market Expertise

A commercial estate agent possesses in-depth, local knowledge about the most up-to-date market trends. What’s more, they can retrieve exclusive info easily and are typically clued up about spaces yet to be advertised but projected to be marketed shortly. Also, they know whether a commercial property was valued reasonably or whether you need to discuss a better deal.


We Have Genuine Estate Licenses

Similarly to residential real estate, our team here at Kirkby Diamond hold a real estate license. That means we’re officially allowed to help with real estate dealings.

We Deal with Managers, Lenders and Property Owners, So You Don’t Have to

We’ll call all the relevant people on your behalf, leaving you to run your business. We’ll ask about your favourite properties, organise property tour appointments, and verify city regulations and zoning, to name just a few.


We Take Care of Negotiation and Closing

Our Luton commercial estate agents will mediate for you, as they understand which elements need to be included in your contract in line with your business niche. We can also estimate fair property prices.


We Handle Your Commercial Real Estate Lease

We handle your lease, no matter how long you’re in it, to ensure you never neglect any crucial deadlines, agreement changes, or important dates. And when the time comes, we’ll even renegotiate your commercial real estate lease.


We Can Access All Commercial Listings

While residential real estate has a centralised listing service, commercial transactions feature on numerous platforms. As a result, business owners find it challenging to research available properties. We can access listings on every platform!


Get In Touch!

If you want to know more about our Luton commercial estate agents and the services we offer, reach out to our dedicated and professional team of estate agents. We’d love to answer any questions and know you’ll be impressed with our services. Contact us now by emailing info@kirkbydiamond.co.uk.


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