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Why You Should Consider Commercial Property in Milton Keynes Lakeside

Milton Keynes offers a fantastic commercial hub for businesses, with a plethora of office properties available to supplement its status as one of the country’s best areas for business and innovation.

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You only have to consider that Milton Keynes is ranked in the country’s top five for business start-ups to get a sense of just what a commercially viable location this city is for companies to relocate to.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this post outlining just why exactly Milton Keynes Lakeside is such an attractive proposition for businesses, both startups and established companies alike.

The City is Growing With More Land for Businesses Becoming Available

There are currently expansions going on within Milton Keynes (both westwards and eastwards) which will create a significant amount of new land able to be used by businesses, as well as offering space for new residential properties, too, over 10,000 in fact.

In a similarly growth-related vein, Milton Keynes has been the beneficiary of more than £1 billion of private investment over the past decade. Clearly, this is a city that’s on the up, business-wise, and there has never been a better time to invest in commercial property in the area.

Milton Keynes is Set to Be Amongst the UK’s Fastest Growing Economies 

If the physical expansion of Milton Keynes wasn’t enough to tempt you in, then consider the city’s economic forecasts, too. According to research carried out by legal and financial advisor, Irwin Mitchell, the city is expected “to see year-on-year GVA growth of 2.6%. 

The reason? Milton Keynes is part of the increasingly successful Oxford-Cambridge Arc, as well as being home to a great many tech businesses, which have been a great boon to the UK economy in recent years.

Attracting a Balanced Mix of Domestic and International Businesses

Another reason that Milton Keynes has been so successful commercially in recent times has been its balance of both domestic and international firms. This healthy competition begets further success and growth and is an indicator of the economic health of the city.


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